Social Think Tank on Innovation in Education

I'm at a great Think Tank event at MIT with Dell today on innovation in education. I'll be live blogging and tweeting all day.
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I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in Dell's "Social Think Tank" on Innovation in Education today. We'll be spending the day talking about how tech can drive new approaches to education. I'll be tweeting and updating this blog all day as we move the conversation forward.

For now, you can find details and a live video stream right here on Dell's website devoted to this event.

Update: 10:45am EDT - Added Twitter feed for event

You can follow this using the hash tag #DoMoreEdu.

Update: 11:15 am EDT - How to close the learning gap

What is the learning gap? I would argue that it's the distance between those students who learn in spite of the system and those who are stymied by the system. Arguably, you could also call the inability of those with poor conditions outside of schools to be able to navigate the system versus those who have the outside resources to make it through. Regardless of how you define it (something we're trying to do here), what it amounts to is equity in terms of:

  • Access to resources
  • Access to appropriate learning tools based on their learning styles, backgrounds, previous learning, disability, etc.

Essentially, we have to customize learning for everyone - everyone needs an IEP. Interestingly, we have the technology already to, at a reasonable level, collect data on students and assess their needs to create an automated IEP. This IEP can inform what teachers do with their students as well as feed other supplemental technology systems that can address specific gaps and problems that every student encounters.

Update: 2:45pm EDT - At the MIT Media lab

NBC News is ending the day with a town hall event hosted by Chelsea Clinton discussing innovation in education. I've been meaning to write more all day, but there were too many great conversations. Folks who know me know that I can't resist running my mouth about this stuff.

So check my Twitter feed for more frequent updates. I'll Storify this later.

For now, hanging at the Media Lab hearing from Mitch Resnick.

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