Solar parking lots, the specs

This goes with the Envision CEO interview story.First: the Kyocera solar grove canopy above their San Diego headquarters parking lot:SYSTEM SIZE:235...

This goes with the Envision CEO interview story. First: the Kyocera solar grove canopy above their San Diego headquarters parking lot: SYSTEM SIZE:235 kW AC CEC279 kW Solar Modules: 1400 KC-187GS200 KC-88CGSI Inverters: 2 SMA American Sunny Central SC125U Batteries:None Charge Controllers: None POTENTIAL LEED POINTS:9-13 UTILITY DISTRICT:San Diego Gas & Electric NUMBER OF PARKING SPACES:186 YEARLY POWER PRODUCTION:431,000 kWh DATE COMPLETED:June 2005 AVOIDED EMISSIONS:(annually, in pounds)Carbon Dioxide: 412,945 Nitrogen Oxides: 376 Sulfur Dioxide: 282POUNDS OF COAL DISPLACED:244,463 annually AWARDS:2006 AIA San Diego Design Award2006 Urban Land Institue (ULI) San Diego/Tijuana District Council2005 “Flex Your Power -- Demand Response Award”San Diego Excellence in Energy (SANDEE): Special Achievement in Energy by a Medium to Large Business ------------------- For the solar tree to be completed in November at NREL, Boulder, Colorado: Overview

A renewable recharging station will be developed and installed at NREL for the test and evaluation of using renewable resources for recharging electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The renewable recharging station will be a grid-tied parking canopy with integrated photovoltaic panels.

Specifications: Structure must be designed to cover 2 parking spaces in one line (e.g. 2x1). Area to be covered is approximately 18’ wide by 18’ deep. Modular design such that it could be duplicated in additional locations. Structural design must be certified by Colorado professional engineer and able to withstand wind loading requirements of 100 mph fastest mile and 125 mph 3 second gust. It must also be designed to prevent significant snow accumulation. System is to be designed as grid-tied. Graded area directly in front of the parking spaces is available for installation of structural elements and electronics. Must incorporate emergency disconnect. Will incorporate 2 120V 30amp outlets/per parking space. Installation to face approximately south on the NREL South Table Mountain site with cars entering the structure from the North side. All materials must be delivered by Sept. 28, 2007. with confirmation of delivery by Sept. 19th, 2007. Total cost must be less than $46K.