Sony targets businesses with IP video kit

CeBIT: Japanese electronics giant Sony is promising broadcast-quality audio and video from a new range of IP cameras and recording systems
Written by Dan Ilett, Contributor

Sony has promised to bring high-definition imaging to corporate video conferencing systems and security cameras.

The company's European president, Chris Deering, said on Wednesday that high-definition video was no longer a luxury for broadcasters alone, and was now a priority business goal for his company.

Deering was pushing Sony's release of its IPELA suite — IP-based devices, such as network cameras, recording devices and video conferencing systems.

"Business customers will be able to transmit in a format that was only permitted for broadcasters," said Deering at a press conference at the CeBIT trade show in Hannover. "[This] is an ideal solution for government, education, medical and enterprise customers looking to access and share visual information in real time." Deering didn't indicate what image resolution customers could look forward to.

The company is moving to "shake up" its business processes from the bottom as it prepares the joint release of its cell chip said Deering, hinted that the chip would be used in many of Sony's products.

"The cell chip has been designed to power a number of products," added Deering. "To gear up for this, Sony will change its business structure, rethinking and redirecting product development and processes."

IBM and Toshiba have collaborated with the Japanese company to produce the chip, which will power a range of computers from business PCs to Sony's PlayStation 3.

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