Sony warns of $3.2bn loss after earthquake and PSN hack

The company has re-evaluated its earnings prediction for the fiscal year from a profit to a loss of $3.2m, citing the Japanese earthquake and the hack on the PlayStation Network

Sony has been forced to re-evaluate its earnings predictions for the 2010-2011 fiscal year from a profit to a loss.

PlayStation Network hack

Sony has forecast a loss of $3.2bn after being hit by hack on the PlayStation Network and the Japanese earthquake. Credit: Erica Ogg

According to Sony's fiscal 2010 year forecast revision announcement on Monday, it has predicted a net loss of $3.2bn (£2bn), reversing expectations of a $858m profit.

The company was hit by the hack on the PlayStation Network, which took the service offline for several weeks. While that incident was definitely a contributing factor, it is only expected to account for $171.2m in losses. Sony is attributing at least $269m in losses to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March.

The company said the drop in predicted income is due to it taking a non-cash charge of 360bn Yen (£2.7bn) against certain deferred tax assets in Japan. This charge was the cause of the predicted 330bn Yen drop in income for the year, it said.

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