Spigit Curbs Sharepoint Waste

How many Sharepoint sites did your company start in the past year? Now, how many are actively being used?

How many Sharepoint sites did your company start in the past year? Now, how many are actively being used? If you're organization is like many, Sharepoint adoption isn't the same as Sharepoint usage.

In a new study by Infotrends Inc. a market consultancy, researchers found that SharePoint is on average available to approximately two-thirds of organizations, but is only used by approximately 40 percent of organizations.

Spigit's innovation management platform is now available for Sharepoint.


Even then usage tends to be fairly basic. "Virtually all of our follow-up phone interviews indicated basic collaboration and document management as the primary use," wrote Omri Duek, a consultant for Infotrends and one of the authors of the Infotrends' report on Sharepoint. "The phrases "e-mail replacement" or "shared drive replacement" came up often during these calls. Where more advanced workflows or WCM were used, they were underwhelming," he said.

The new Spigit for Sharepoint might be just the answer. The SAAS software provides Spigit's innovation market  technology within the context of Sharepoint:

With Spigit for SharePoint, companies benefit from creating a single location where enterprise-wide ideas can be found. Employees find ideas that are relevant to their work and experience, regardless of whether they are part of a specific team site. Spigit for SharePoint can be deployed as a tab for everyone to access within SharePoint. In addition, a single instance of it can be embedded in different team sites, providing access from multiple points, the most flexible deployment for those organizations looking to truly embed innovation within their DNA.

What Spigit could improve is the traction and longevity of Sharepoint servers. The Spigit software establishes a kind of game, similar to a prediction market, that rewards  users for contribution blogs, new posts or other contributions with mock currency. User can then use that currency to purchase company sponsored prizes. What you find is that over time people are motivate to participate in these sorts of forums to some extent for the prizes, but often for the prestige that develops within the community.

The specific tools being provided in Spigit for Sharepoint  are:

  • Idea submission
  • Idea stage gates
  • Idea ranking
  • Voting
  • Comments
  • Reviews
  • Analytics around each idea
  • Individuals' RepuRank

RepuRank is Spigit's technology determining a reputation score for each individual. Pricing was not disclosed though Spigit says the software will be priced at the same price as its normal Spigit implementation.