Spotify invites press for 24 April event, may announce first branded hardware

Spotify invited press to NYC on 24 April and rumors indicate it may announce a vehicle music controller.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Spotify sent out invitations to a press event on April 24th in New York City on Friday morning, but nothing was offered in regards to details.

The Verge posted some information from Spotify customers that lead us to believe Spotify will announce a vehicle controller for its music. The offer to some customers indicates an increased monthly subscription fee, $12.99 per month, could cover the cost of the device that may allow customers to control music playback via voice or two physical buttons.

People can currently connect their smartphones to their vehicle via Bluetooth, USB, or headset jack adapter with many phones supporting voice control of Spotify through the smartphone app. This dedicated device may allow better control and there is a possibility it could even be a stand-alone player with integrated cellular service. Amazon Alexa support is also a possibility.

I recently took the Garmin Speak Plus for a test drive and have been considering this Amazon Alexa-based device as an accessory for my older 1992 and 2002 vehicles. My family recently moved from Apple Music to Spotify because of the Google Home integration so I am interested in hearing more about Spotify's first piece of hardware.

When I first heard that Spotify may announce its first branded hardware, I was thinking it could be some type of wearable with support for offline music. The Samsung Gear S3 and Gear Sport both support offline Spotify playback so there are already a couple of wearable choices for this music service.

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