Sproqit gives enterprises mobile PC access

Would-be BlackBerry-squasher Sproqit has added multiuser access to its service, which gives remote access to a PC from a mobile device

Sproqit's ambitious attempts to dethrone the BlackBerry moved another step forward this week when it launched a product that gives enterprise users remote PC access from a PDA.

The service allows a mobile worker to get real-time access to PC applications and data, over a wireless or mobile network. Unlike Research In Motion's BlackBerry, which pushes email out to a user from a mobile e-mail server, Sproqit uses its own online servers to initiate a secure link between a desktop PC and a mobile device.

The personal version of Sproqit launched last October, and this week the company unveiled its multiuser version, called Sproqit Workgroup Edition, which supports up to 50 users.

Sproqit Workgroup Edition starts at a one-off fee of €849 (£590), which includes a licence for up to five users. Adding five more users costs another €499, versus €849 for another ten — up to the maximum of 50.

Sproqit has recently signed up Ingram Micro to distribute its products, and has also partnered with systems integrator Unisys.

Sproqit's marketing material may claim that BlackBerries are better for pies than remote access, but in reality the start-up faces an uphill task to challenge RIM's dominant position. Last month, the firm reported that it added 592,000 subscribers in the first quarter to pass the three million mark, and forecast between 620,000 and 650,000 additions in the current quarter.