Square rolls out Dashboard app for iOS

The Dashboard app can access a range of Square's analytics features, such as top selling items and new vs. returning customers.


Square on Tuesday announced the availability of the Dashboard app for iOS.

Square's platform utilizes the Dashboard feature to access a range of its built-in analytics functions, such as spotting top selling items, identifying new and returning customers, and reviewing average check amounts.

With the iOS app, all of those features are now accessible on Apple devices running iOS 7 and iOS 8. For some long-term Square users, the app will take some getting use to, but Square says sellers in its beta program checked the app 12 times a day on average.

The obvious advantage with having Dashboard available via an app is the mobility. For example, a restaurant owner that's out making purchases for the day can login to see what the top-selling menu items were the week prior. It's a simple concept, but is certainly useful for those who aren't always sitting by a computer.

Square has made several significant additions to its Register platform this year that illustrate how the company is working to branch out from its payments roots to become a small business services provider.

Last month the company started offering a payroll service to users of Square Register, which now offers a range of revenue-generating add-ons, like an invoice feature, an online scheduling tool for SMBs, and an order-ahead function dubbed Pickup.