Start 'em young: First Wind introduces state-specific scholarship program in Utah

Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

As if there already wasn't enough incentive for young people to study a career in renewable energy. Wind technology development company First Wind has started up a scholarship program in Utah, where the company is building a 230-megawatt facility, called the Milford Wind Corridor.

The program, called First Wind Scholars, is focused on high-school seniors in Utah who are interested in studies involving the environment, energy and the sciences. The first $3,000 one-time scholarship is specifically intended for students in Beaver and Millard counties in Utah.

OK, I realize a one-time scholarship is a rather limited audience, but this is sure a smart way to make a mark on a community where you're hoping for an extended business visit. Should be interesting to see how other renewable energy companies start making their mark in the states and towns they are courting.

The applications for the First Wind scholarship are due by Nov. 1, 2009. The selected student will be announced in mid-December 2009. Here's the information site.

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