Sticking with XP / Upgrading to Vista / Waiting for Windows 7 / Switching to Mac or Linux - There's no single right answer

They don't come around very often, but here's a post where I pretty much agree with everyone!

They don't come around very often, but here's a post where I pretty much agree with everyone!

Intel's right going sticking with XP, Ed Bott's right for saying the company is behind the curveJason Perlow is right for sticking with XP, and I'm right for having migrated most of my XP systems to Vista. And you folks who are reading and commenting on these blogs are right in having made the choices you've made as to the OS you run. Why? Because what really matters is finding what works for you.

See, at the core of all the OS debates are people making the case for what works for them (even if sometimes things don't work out right). If you're able to come to this site and participate in the conversations that we are having then you've obviously got your OS to the point where it's working for you, and when you peel back all the zealotry and fanboyism, that's all that really matters. That doesn't mean that I agree with the point of view of others (for example, I disagree with Jason Perlow about XP being "in the prime of its life, like an older pro golfer who is now at the best of his game" and see it myself more like Peter Graves on the Biography Channel), but it does allow me to accept that the other person's views are valid and applicable to their circumstances.

What I've noticed in myself is that the more I broaden my view away from that "the one ring to rule them all" point of view and actually handle other OSes, other browsers, other office suites, other security applications ... (the list goes on and on), the less fanatical I've become in my views. It's actually quite refreshing to get out of that technological Skinner box and try on a different one.

Skinner boxes all round! I'm off to play with my latest tech Skinner box ... openSUSE.

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