Students find Win 7 upgrade a tough assignment

Microsoft admits problems that students are having when they try to download a discounted upgrade version of Windows 7.
Written by Ina Fried, Contributor
Microsoft's discount Windows 7 upgrade for students has proven to be a tough assignment for some of those who signed up for the offer.

The software maker is offering students the option of buying a downloadable upgrade version of Windows 7 for $29--a significant savings off the full boxed copy of the new operating system. However, a number of students have reported problems when trying to download and install the new version of Windows.

In a blog posting, Microsoft says it is aware of several issues that folks have encountered. Most common is the fact that folks can't easily go from the 32-bit version of Vista to the 64-bit version of Windows 7. That requires a clean installation.

Those in that camp can either get a refund or contact Digital River, the company managing the digital downloads, to try to get a disc with the operating system.

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