Subscribe to the annual Zune Pass for equivalent of $31.20/year

Microsoft rolled out an annual subscription option for Zune Pass for just $149.90 per year, but you get $118.80 in free song credits to keep music forever so it is a deal you can't pass up.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

I am a Zune Pass subscriber due to my Zune HD and now with my upcoming Windows Phone 7 purchase so I quickly jumped over and renewed my subscription as soon as I read the news on WPCentral that Microsoft rolled out an annual subscription option. You can now subscribe for a year for just $149.90, which works out to just $12.50 a month. Considering that you get 10 songs to keep forever with that you are now only paying $2.50 a month for unlimited downloads and streaming on a Windows Phone 7 device.

I already wrote why I think the Zune Pass is a fantastic deal and now the yearly subscription option just makes it even that much better. You now get essentially 2 months for free. If you were going to buy 10 songs a month on iTunes or Zune anyway for 99 cents then the Zune Pass streaming and download subscription works out to an equivalent of just $31.20 a year that is paying for just the service. This is awesome and Microsoft needs to get out and explain how great of a deal this is for everyone.

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