Sucking the air from the room

RedHat has been a particular victim of the news eclipse.

RedHat logoOne obvious impact of the recent moves by Microsoft, Oracle and Novell has been to put all other open source news in the shade, to literally suck all the air out of the room.

A lot has been happening.

Just this week Qlusters announced openQRM plug-ins for Dell, Intel and HP servers, GRIsoft expanded its anti-virus offerings for GNU/Linux, and Sam's released a new SUSE Linux book. (Anyone else notice how mainstream Linux books suddenly are?)

RedHat has been a particular victim of the news eclipse. It has been holding a major event in Berlin, Germany. I would love to have gone, if only to compare pronounciations of Blankenhorn.

Last week's announcement RedHat will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, however, drew yawns. So did delivery of the JBOSS Enterprise Service Bus, key pieces of its Java EE 5.0 Application Server, an expanded strategic partnership with Bull, and the start of testing for RedHat's Enterprise Linux 5.

How long will the news media make RedHat and the smaller open source vendors victims of corporate FUD and speculation?

As long as those stories draw the most traffic. So send your friends here.