Sumi Das meets the ultimate culinary assistant

This video is part of our future of series. Enter the future of kitchen counters. Oh yes cooking, just in time for the holidays!

Intel’s OASIS technology can turn regular kitchen counters into touch screens. SmartPlanet’s Sumi Das got a glimpse of the future of kitchen counters when she interviewed Intel's senior scientist, Beverely Harrison.

The point of the technology is to give you an intuitive experience. Small 3D cameras and pico projectors help make the counter smarter, so when you place the groceries on the counter it can spit out relevant nutritional information and recipes for you. Talk about being convenient!

The 3d camera ultimately allow the cook to touch and drag projected images. The series of algorithms allow any counter top to turn into an interactive surface. It takes things about each object, matches it with objects we’ve seen before.

“So the technology can tell an orange from a lemon,” SmartPlanet's Sumi Das said in the video.

If two objects are next to each other, it can suggest recipes. Smart!

If the ice cream is out, it can remind you that it’s been out for too long.

The technology is basically a combined cell phone sized camera and a projection system, which help get power to the pieces that need power and send it wirelessly to a computer in your house.

Das tweeted that she was so happy that she didn’t have to use her laptop as a cookbook this time.

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