Survey: How much personal information are you willing to share for shopping discounts?

ZDNet's sister site, Tech Pro Research, is doing a survey to find out what technologies make for easier shopping, and how much data people will give up for the sake of convenience.

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ZDNet has covered a lot of retail digital transformation stories, like the fully-automated Amazon Go stores, Wayfair's use of big data to enable visual searching, and automated kiosks everywhere, from major fast food chains to food trucks.

Now Tech Pro Research, ZDNet's sister site, wants to know how many people are using tech in their shopping experiences, and whether these types of services make shopping more or less enjoyable, and more convenient or more complicated.

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The survey also asks what personal information shoppers are willing to give up to get discounts and rewards, or to see more tailored product options.

Please take five minutes and tell us about your shopping experiences and comfort level with sharing your data. Click here to take the survey.

If you work for a company that offers retail products or services, there's also an optional section of the survey where you can tell us about your company's digital transformation efforts. We'd like to know what, if any, new technologies your company has implemented, and whether or not this has resulted in personnel changes.

Survey answers are confidential and will be used in a future Tech Pro Research report. Anyone who completes the survey can sign up to receive a copy once it's published.

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