Survey reveals IT job dissatisfaction

A shortage of good jobs in the IT industry has meant that job satisfaction is less prominent in people's minds

More than 80 percent of respondents in a recent Australian survey are unhappy in their work. But IT industry pundits say that has as much to do with the current economic environment as it does with individual workplaces.

Of the 700 respondents, 82 percent weren't happy in their current jobs. Spherion Group, which conducted the survey, also found that enjoying work was a major factor for 38 percent of those surveyed. Pay was a major factor for 12 percent of respondents.

However, Grant Montgomery, managing director at executive search consultancy E.L. Consult, believes that a shortage of good jobs in the industry has meant that job satisfaction is less prominent in people's minds.

Montgomery also thinks that IT professionals are more task-focused, taking pride in completing a particular task, rather than just the environment of a company.

Chris Sandham, NSW state manager at recruitment firm IT&T Careers, also agreed that a lot of IT employees are just fairly happy that they're in work. But he doesn't believe that this necessarily equates with job satisfaction. "I think there's probably less job satisfaction out there because wherever you go there's pressure," Sandham said.

He also believes that upskilling in new technologies keeps IT professionals challenged, particularly for those who like dynamic work environments.

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