Symbian launches 'simple' mobile email guarantee

Play nice, get seal of approval
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Play nice, get seal of approval

In an effort to switch on more consumers to the joys of mobile email, Symbian is launching a plan to guarantee all providers are making their offerings as simple as possible.

Symbian – which powers some 85 per cent of Europe's smart phones – unveiled the scheme today, which gives the official smart phone stamp of approval to mobile email providers who meet its criteria.

In order to get Symbian's thumbs-up, email vendors will need to meet certain standards of ease of use and installation, as well as compatibility with a range of devices.

Recent research into consumers' attitudes to mobile email found that many are still baffled by configuration, with consumers spending a third of discussion around mobile email talking about configuration – and three-quarters of that time talking about it negatively.

The research found that consumers often find customer services unhelpful and may shun the application as a result.

Nevertheless, analysts are predicting that mobile email will soon take off. Research firm Datamonitor believes that revenues from mobile email will triple by 2009.

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