Sync and backup photos automatically with SugarSync's new AutoSync feature

SugarSync just launched an updated Android client that offers their new AutoSync technology so photos and files can be setup to sync and backup automatically.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

I've checked out several online file backup and sync solutions and decided that SugarSync was best for me because I use devices from various platforms and I love the features of their service. While I have been primarily using SugarSync on the iPad, I also use it on Android devices and with today's announcement I can't wait to set it up on my HTC ThunderBolt for automatic photo syncing.

The newest feature of SugarSync for Android is AutoSync. With this AutoSync technology enabled on your Android device you will experience automatic syncing of photos and selected folders from your Android device back to other computers you setup. Thus, you can have it setup so that photos and videos you capture are backed up and synced to other devices without you having to do anything and without even having to launch SugarSync on your Android smartphone. I know many people that capture photos and video on their phones, but never take the time to connect to their computers, transfer the media, and then decide what to do with them later. SugarSync with AutoSync does it all for you after your initial setup and may even encourage people to capture more after they see how easy it is to actually use this captured media.

In addition to photos and video, you can setup SugarSync with AutoSync to keep files and folders synced up automatically too. As stated in the SugarSync press release, "A classic example of this would be a user about to board an airplane with no Wi-Fi. Before boarding the plane, the user can select the folders they need access to while offline, use SugarSync to sync those files locally to the device, and then work on those files throughout the flight. With AutoSync, SugarSync now automatically recognizes when your device is connected again and will automatically sync your folders so that they reflect any changed files. No thinking, and no wires required."

Remember, you can setup your SugarSync account to share with family, friends, and coworkers so if you setup a family sharing folder and have your smartphone photos AutoSynced to that folder then your family can enjoy updated photos as you take them. I plan to test this out when I am on trips and want to share photos with my family back home. You can also publish photos directly to Facebook and since Facebook is where I prefer to share with friends, SugarSync is a great solution for me.

This updated SugarSync for Android application is available now (I just updated mine) for free and with this application you get a whopping 5GB of storage for free. You can also pay for more storage starting at 30GB for $4.99/month or $50/year and up to 500GB for $39.99/month or $399.99/year. They have several options to choose from on their pricing page.

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