T-Mobile amps up the family plan with 10GB of LTE each on four lines for just $120

T-Mobile continues to offer enhanced services, many for existing customers. This new family plan offer will please those who have been limiting their 4G LTE data.

T-Mobile just can't seem to stop coming up with enhanced service offerings for customers and the latest one announced today means I will be calling T-Mobile tomorrow to switch my plan.

One of the great things about T-Mobile's service innovations is that its offerings apply to existing customers and are not focused solely on new customers. Today's family plan update offers a family of four 10GB of 4G LTE each with unlimited calling and texting for just $120.

By comparison, Verizon's four family member special offer costs $140, but is limited to sharing 10GB of data. That's not a bad deal for Verizon, but T-Mobile still saves you money and gives you four times the amount of data. If you were to pay Verizon for 40GB of shared data for the four family plan lines it would cost you $360 per month.

(Image: T-Mobile)

T-Mobile's new family plan is $100 for two people with 10GB of 4G LTE each and then $20 per each additional line that comes with 10GB of data. Until Labor Day T-Mobile is giving you the fourth line for free, thus the total for four people is $120.

My wife is now on Cricket Wireless so tomorrow when this new family plan launches I am switching myself and three daughters to this new plan. My daughters regularly hit their current 1.5GB allotment so the bump up to 10GB will be greatly appreciated.

T-Mobile also does not charge you for going over the data allotment, they just throttle down your speeds. Verizon charges you $15 per GB if you go over your shared 10GB of data.

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