T-Mobile customers may be able to keep current plan after AT&T merger

One of my major concerns with a possible AT&T and T-Mobile merger is a change in my current grandfathered family plan. An internal memo shows this concern may be laid to rest.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The AT&T and T-Mobile merger is in question with the federal government filing to block it, but an internal memo has helped ease my mind just a bit as a happy T-Mobile customer. I have an outstanding family plan for less than $200 with five phones, two with unlimited data, and unlimited text messaging that I do not want changed and according to an internal memo posted on BGR it sounds like I may be able to keep this plan indefinitely. My concerns with the merger is in regards to the excellent customer service I receive from T-Mobile and the outstanding rate plans so if they can address one area then I am a bit less concerned with the merger.

T-Mobile currently has some of the most aggressive rate plans because they are one of the smaller carriers and their demographic is generally one that looks for the best deals. I have avoid upgrading my plan a couple of times and have purchased new phones at full price to keep my grandfathered family plan and will continue to do so as long as I can. We compare subsidized pricing of phones here since that is how the U.S. market works, but I am a person who compares full unsubsidized pricing since I buy devices this way or from overseas to avoid any changes in my contract.

Does this statement help ease you into accepting a possible AT&T and T-Mobile merger or are you still against such a merger?

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