T-Mobile reportedly makes Sprint a revised offer

The revived merger talks come just a few days after SoftBank ended negotiations over who would have majority control of the new company.


Just a few days after merger negotiations reportedly fell apart between Deutsche Telekom-backed T-Mobile SoftBank-owned Sprint, T-Mobile has reached out to Sprint with a revised offer, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The long-sought merger reportedly fell apart because SoftBank was unhappy with the latest terms, which would have given Deutsche Telekom majority ownership of both carriers.

The terms of T-Mobile's new offer were unclear, according to the Journal. However, after T-Mobile CEO John Legere spoke with Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure on Wednesday, Sprint's board discussed the new offer at a meeting on Thursday.

Sources told the Journal that a deal could come together within weeks -- or the two sides could once again fail to agree on terms.

The two companies previously held merger talks in 2014 and revived discussions this year under the looser regulatory environment of the Trump administration.

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