T-Mobile will resume sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on October 5

Verizon and Sprint customers can purchase a new Galaxy Note 7 today with T-Mobile joining the ranks tomorrow. Existing Note 7 owners should all have exchanged their phones, but if not, go visit your store now.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, see my full review, is a fantastic smartphone and the coral blue replacement is even better than the original one I purchased from T-Mobile.

While those of us who purchased a Note 7 prior to the recall have been able to exchange the Note 7 in stores for the last couple of weeks, starting on Wednesday the Note 7 will be available for all to purchase for $849.99. Sprint ($849.99) and Verizon ($864) are already selling the Galaxy Note 7 to new owners.

The AT&T Note 7 landing page still shows the device is only available for those making an exchange, but may soon also open up sales to new buyers. AT&T's model is $879.99.

It's likely we will soon see updated recall figures for the Note 7, but given that US carriers and Samsung are selling the Note 7 to new buyers there looks to be plenty of stock for new buyers, so all existing Note 7 owners should make the exchange now.

I just flew across the country and heard the Delta warning regarding the Galaxy Note 7 a couple of times. It's not clear when this warning will be lifted, but to make people feel at ease I've been using my iPhone 7 Plus on the flights.

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