Tangoe shows work-from-anywhere expense-management package

Product bundle is designed for enterprises that may lack the resources or in-house expertise to execute a digital communications transformation.
Written by Chris Preimesberger, Contributor on

Because half or more of all office workers will never return to a business office following the COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home tools of all kinds are going to remain in demand forever and ever, amen.

These include far more than front-of-house products such as Zoom, Slack, Google Meet, Box, and others like them. We're also talking about more specific professional apps, including human resources, accounting, and supply-chain applications, for three of many other examples. All of the above will be needed to keep business moving in the years to come.

In the categories of IT expense management and managed mobility services, Indianapolis-based telecommunications provider Tangoe has released a new Work From Anywhere Product Bundle that provides IT and device-management infrastructure designed to enable a reliable and user-friendly work-from-anywhere environment. 

Tangoe's software enables global organizations to procure, manage, and control their fixed, mobile and converged communications assets and their costs. The company claims that users of its WFH package will have full visibility, insight, and control of company data and devices. 

Tangoe's Work from Anywhere Product Bundle, released Oct. 28, is designed for enterprises that may lack the resources or in-house expertise to execute a digital communications transformation. 

It is based on Tangoe One's corporate expense-management mobile platform and includes: 

  • Managed Mobility Services: Centralizes and controls device management, tracks where devices live and who owns them. Provides access to modern dashboards and reporting interfaces to provide granular details into spending, usage, and allocation. Provides recommendations for savings opportunities across global carriers.

  • Unified Endpoint Management: Configures systems based on organizational function, ensures corporate data on devices is safe and handles all UEM management tasks including design, support, policy and configuration, compliance, and upgrades.

  • Automation and Workflows: Uses artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and hyper-automation to simplify procedures for onboarding new employees, upgrading employees, identifying what devices and lines are not being used, and ensuring the right carrier plans are paired with the right devices.

  • Logistics Support: Ensures that every device is properly stored, configured, packaged, recycled and shipped globally.

  • 24/7 Help Desk: Offers voice, live chat, chatbot, and self-service solutions to keep employees productive on their channel of choice.

  • Bill Pay+: As an optional add-in, the solution pays all bill types, eliminates manual tasks via automation, prevents fraud, captures discounts and improves vendor relationships.

"Every unmanaged IT spend category averages a 30% opportunity to cut costs, including telecom, mobile, cloud, and software," Hyoun Park, Chief Analyst of Amalgam Insights, said in a media advisory. "Technology Expense Management solutions provide necessary guidance for managers seeking to maximize the value of mobility and reduce costs."

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