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Email is dead. But can anything take its place?
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EMAIL IS DEAD But can anything take its place?

ZDNet Australia is proud to be presenting a live broadcast on the future of email on 12 August 2010. Featuring a panel of local and global communications experts, this discussion will delve into the issues and challenges facing email in its current state, and will look at how social media is changing the way we exchange information.

We are offering readers a chance to have your questions put to our expert panel during the live streamed event, so if you'd like to give us your thoughts on the future of email, please add your comment or question at the bottom of this page. And if you'd like a reminder prior to the live broadcast, don't forget to enter your mobile number or email address in the appropriate field at the right.

WHAT: ZDNet Australia, in partnership with Allure Media, brings you a TechLines event "Email Is Dead" together with leading commentators from IBM, Intel and RIM, as well as futurist Marc Pesce to discuss the tools and techniques for effective business communication in 2010 and beyond. As a ZDNet Australia reader, you also have the chance to win a seat at the forum!
WHY: As social media tools like Twitter and Facebook increasingly take centre stage, does email still hold an important role in business communications? Business professionals across the globe are tweeting, posting and sending thousands of short-form business communications every day leaving many asking, is email dead, or does it have a future in the business of tomorrow?
WHEN: Broadcast live on ZDNet Australia on 12 August from 12:00pm
GET INVOLVED: Join the debate NOW by submitting your questions to editorial and panel members through our Feedback area below or tweet your comments to #tlines.

What do you think ... does email have a future? Can it compete with social networking? Leave your comments in the Talkback section below.

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