TeenTech Weekly: Facebook ads, Macbook deals, what Gen-Y wants

The weekly roundup of Generation-Y and student news & resources you may have missed.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer on

This edition of TeenTech weekly rounds up Generation Y and student news that you may have missed. This week we've read about student loans, Facebook student discipline procedures and employing Generation Y.

1.) Mastering the millennial generation. (CNN)

Besides digital media and the French Riviera sun, the hottest thing at the Cannes Lions International ad festival this week is the question of how to attract millennial to businesses and brands.

2.) Which universities were awarded for most innovative uses of technology? (Times Union)

The 2012 AMX Innovation Awards winners were part of a large contingent of colleges at the UBTech Conference (formerly EduComm) in Las Vegas, NV. The three top winners divvied $100,000 of equipment award honors.

3.) Must-have tech gadgets for incoming freshmen. (Nexgen Jounal)

Bed sheets: check. Textbooks: check. Desk lamp: check. Most shopping lists for incoming college freshmen feature the same predictable items. But what about electronics?

4.) 3 things your Gen Y employees want besides money. (Business Insider)

While more money is usually better, more money doesn't lead to better performance and results. More money is a motivator, but it's not the motivator.

5.) Apple to let students test iPad tablets. (Bangkok Post)

Apple Inc. will lend tablets to children in 20 schools to help Thailand test the effectiveness of learning through tablets.

6.) Students: Has Apple got a MacBook and iPad deal for you. (Network World)

While some students are still waiting to be released from classes, Apple has begun offering back-to-school specials on its MacBook and iPad.

7.) Students display overriding dislike for marketing on Facebook. (Biz Report)

University students in the UK aren't interested in mixing business with pleasure on Facebook.

As youth marketing firm, The Beans Group, has found, youngsters use the social network for entertainment and chatting with friends, and not a place to engage with businesses.

8.) Twitter outage interrupts White House push on student loan rates. (The Hill)

A Twitter outage on Thursday interrupted the typically prolific tweeting of Congress and the administration.

9.) Minn. high court: University can discipline student for online cadaver comments. (PLC)

The Minnesota Supreme Court held Wednesday that public universities can restrict the speech of students in “professional programs” when the program has rules consistent with established professional standards.

10.) Rochester school district seeks iPad for each student. (Post Bulletin)

The Rochester school district is considering a big leap into the digital age.

At its regular board meeting tonight, district leaders will unveil a phased three-year plan to equip all of Rochester's students with an iPad at a cost of $7 million.


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