TeenTech Weekly: Political Facebook protests, piracy, Higher Ed

The weekly roundup of Generation-Y and student news & resources you may have missed.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer on

This edition of TeenTech weekly rounds up Generation Y and student news that you may have missed. This week we've read about piracy, higher ed online and Facebook-fueled protests.

1.) Is Gen Y sick of tech? (Media Post)

Surprise: The evidence is building that the majority of consumers -- especially Millennials -- want less technologically-enhanced digital 'connectedness.'

2.) The Pirate generation: Are we 'unreasonable'?

Immediate gratification and the lure of torrents -- is online theft 'unreasonable'?

3.) Raspberry Pi is not enough to revitalise UK IT developer skills. (V3)

The low-cost Raspberry Pi device has seen unprecedented interest and demand since its launch. There are long waiting lists just to order one of the miniature single-board computers. But.

4.) Higher Ed Online: Curriculum, Context, and the Culture of Innovation. (Huffington Post)

Higher education around the world is changing, and its changing fast. The digital era, with online courses, electronic resources and real-time interaction with faculty thousands of miles away is going to drastically change the way we teach, interact, engage and ultimately learn.

5.) Student's relationship with fashion model was too good to be true. (LA Times)

He and the model met on a dating site, talked on the phone and Twitter and swapped photos. But when asked for money, he figures out she's a fake -- and maybe a man.

6.) Advisors must get on the Gen X, Gen Y bandwagon. (Financial Planning)

They’re skeptical, cynical and probably way too dependent on mobile computing devices. But advisors who don’t make the effort now to target and cater to Generation X and Generation Y investors will pay a steep price in the next decade.

7.) Generation Y’ers: Is your offline holding up? (Business 2 community) Millennials take heed: online personal branding proficiency is often not enough to guarantee your personal branding success.

8.) Students win U.S. Imagine Cup title. (The Triangle)

The winners of the U.S. title in Microsoft's Imagine Cup competition were selected to participate in the worldwide finals in Sydney this July for their mathematics-teaching mobile application.

9.) UK court requires Facebook to hand over troll identities.

Facebook is being forced to hand over the identities of cyberbullies who allegedly targeted a woman for supporting an X Factor contestant.

10.) Facebook-fueled protests erode Pena Nieto's lead in Mexico. (Business Week) The main threat to Mexican presidential front-runner Enrique Pena Nieto in July’s election may prove to be a grassroots movement of students that started on social networking websites.


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