Telstra triple zero outage caused by fibre fire damage

Telstra has said fire damage consistent with a lightning strike caused the Triple Zero and mobile voice outages by damaging fibre between Orange and Bowral.
Written by Corinne Reichert, Contributor

Telstra has confirmed that Triple Zero call services are back in action as of around 11.30am AEST on Friday after making fibre repairs.

"The restoration of the cable in NSW has been completed. E000 services are returning to normal," a Telstra spokesperson told media.

"We are working with emergency services and our government and enterprise customers to manage any residual issues.

"We are deeply sorry for the interruptions."

Telstra had earlier on Friday said it was undertaking fibre repairs near Orange, New South Wales, to bring Triple Zero emergency services back up.

"Update: Telstra fibre repair crew on site at cable pit east of Orange. Significant fire damage consistent with lightning strike. We're working to restore services ASAP and are sorry for service interruptions. Current impact mostly in NSW & some interruptions in VIC, SA & WA," the telco tweeted at around 8.30am AEST on Friday.

According to the telco, intermittent mobile voice connection interruptions across NSW, Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland had occurred since 2.05am on Friday due to a cable cut between Orange and Bowral.

Routers were then restored at 4.50am, with Telstra saying mobile voice services had returned to normal; however, it said Triple Zero calls are still experiencing "intermittent interruptions".

"Update: There are still intermittent interruptions to 000 calls in NSW, VIC & WA following the cable cut in NSW earlier today. We're working closely with emergency services in those States," Telstra tweeted at 6.35am.

It's the telco's second outage in a week after its 4G voice network was affected on Tuesday.

"Telstra has resolved an issue impacting some 4G voice calls on its national mobile network," a spokesperson said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon.

"We are sorry that some customers were unable to make or receive calls as this was occurring.

"The issue was caused by technical changes made ahead of upgrades to mobile traffic control equipment in Telstra's Exhibition Street exchange in Melbourne.

"The issue was progressively resolved by reversing the changes. The issue became known about 1pm and was resolved about 3pm."

Telstra had likewise acknowledged the issue on Twitter earlier that day.

Australia's incumbent telecommunications provider had similarly suffered a 4G outage in September last year, at the time saying it "very quickly" repaired the issue.

It last year also experienced an outage across fixed-line and mobile services due to a fire at its Chatswood exchange, which caused SMS messages to be delivered to the wrong people, along with an enterprise voice and data outage caused by faulty hardware, which both occurred during February.

Updated at 1.45pm AEST, Friday May 4


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