The 2011 'bucket of coal' award goes to ...

So, who's ended up with coal in their stocking this year?

You, the readers of Hardware 2.0, have voted for the tech product of 2011 which you feel deserves the 'bucket of coal' award for 2011.

So, who's ended up with coal in their stocking this year?

Let's find out! *drumroll please*

3rd Place

In at third place, grabbing 82% of the 'no' vote and winning a lump of coal is the HP TouchPad.

Overall the TouchPad was a good good tablet, and the hardware was certainly top-notch, but it was the victim of poor planning and even slashing the price by $100 couldn't save it.

2nd Place

In at second place, grabbing 88% of the 'no' vote and winning a shovel of coal is the Motorola Xoom.

Motorola announced that only 250,000 Xooms were ’shipped’ (not sold) during the first quarter of 2011. A price cut by Motorola couldn't invigorate sales and resulted in only 440,000 shipped units during the second quarter.

1st Place

Grabbing first place, with a commanding 93% of the 'no' vote and winning an entire bucket of coal is the RIM PlayBook.

Things went from bad to worse for the PlayBook during 2011. There was a recall, complaints of overheating, and problems with dead pixels. Soon RIM was forced to start slashing prices as sales failed to materialize. However, despite poor sales RIM remains ‘absolutely confident‘ in the PlayBook.

Thanks to all who voted!

Image creditTimitrius