The coolest jobs available in 2013

Some lucky employees have traded in their offices for swimming with sharks and being inventive with bacon.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Some lucky employees have traded in their offices for swimming with sharks and being inventive with bacon.

As reported by CNBC, the workplace doesn't have to be about grey walls, post-it notes and deadlines. Instead, people across the world are being paid to do jobs many of us would trade our right arms for -- from underwater photography to testing out vacations.

Out of the coolest jobs on the table this year: Josh Blaylock has leapt into comic book production and has been able to push ahead with his dream through crowdfunding; something he calls "monetizing a fan base." His firm, Devil's Due, has sponsored three comic book artists having raised close to $100,000.

If you're a foodie, perhaps becoming a "bacon entrepreneur" is more your style. Wesley Klein has launched New York restaurant Baconery this year to attract the bacon-craving populace of the city -- leaving a six-figure job to do so.

Publisher of "The Prophets of Smoked Meat" Daniel Vaughn has made his dream come true in working with barbecue food by creating a blog documenting his experience with the cooking technique called Full Custom Gospel BBQ. This later secured Vaughn the book deal and he now has become the first ever barbecue editor at Texas Monthly magazine.

Across the other side of the world in Rio de Janeiro, Daniel Botelho studied photojournalism and after 15 years of hard work is now a prominent nature photographer -- often taking underwater pictures of sharks and whales at sea.

Perhaps my favorite job role which has come to light is that of a vacation tester. Noelani Schilling-Wheeler from the University of Hawaii originally studied finance before switching to marketing and tourism management -- and is now Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for the O'ahu Visitors Bureau. The job Schilling-Wheeler and her staff perform? Testing out vacations to seek out the best deals for travelers worldwide.

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