CRM Watchlist 2022: Yes, the Watchlist is back

The CRM Watchlist 2022 is now open for registration.
Written by Paul Greenberg, Contributor

I suspended the CRM Watchlist pretty early in 2020 due to what was becoming obvious. We were going to be in for a long haul with the pandemic and working from home more often than not -- at least in the industry which the CRM Watchlist serves -- and thus companies would be trying to figure out how to make what they do work. And even if their intent was good, they most likely would be too distracted to submit a CRM Watchlist 2021 questionnaire. 

Well, even though the pandemic rages on and even, with a vaccine, it will take a while to get to a level that we need to be comfortable in person again, the CRM Watchlist 2022 is hereby open for registration. The criteria are the same -- if you want to get a really good sense of how the competition and awards work, read this post, which announced the last actual winners and the criteria for the CRM Watchlist 2021 (the one I suspended). You'll find the criteria at the bottom of the page.

If you are interested and meet the criteria, please email me at paul-greenberg3@the56group.com and ask for the CRM Watchlist 2022 registration form. Once I send it to you, you'll have 14 days (not business days, weekends included) to get it back to me, and once you do, you'll get the questionnaire. We already have about 10 registration requests, so I suspect this year will be bigger than ever. There have been some seriously significant changes to the questionnaire in light of the pandemic. Hopefully, you'll be part of this year's CRM Watchlist 2022 awards.

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