The great mobile robbery

Thieves get away with 26,000 handsets...
Written by Julian Goldsmith, Contributor on

Thieves get away with 26,000 handsets...

Police have admitted that thieves stole 26,000 Samsung A300 mobile handsets last weekend from a warehouse in Hayes, Middlesex.

Siemens has deactivated the phones so that they cannot be used in the UK and is offering a £200,000 reward for their return.

The handsets have a high-street value of £4.2m.

A police spokesman said that there was no sign of forced entry at the warehouse and the removal of the phones would have taken either an articulated lorry, or a fleet of vans.

The news of the heist comes just weeks after the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens launched a crackdown on mobile phone crime, and hours after details of a raid on security vans in which thieves got away with £4.75m from a secure zone in Heathrow airport.

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