The Luncher

"It's funny you should mention the $1 billion lawsuit Apple's involved in," chortled The Luncher as he rocked back on his bar stool in a small pub with unusual paintings close by Trafalgar Square.

"I well remember Bob Dylan's lawyers getting angry with Apple when it released a developer tools package called Dylan for the Newton. There was also that thing with the sci-fi writer Asimov at the same time where they used his name in a beta programme. And not everybody was happy with the tortoise mounting ad that appeared a few years ago. They've had a few run-ins alright."

"Speaking of run-ins," some youngster piped up, "have you ever met departing Intel captain Andy Grove, Luncher?"

"Indeed I have," said the stout drinker twirling his moustachioes and going all rheumy at the thought. "And let me tell you, he's a very nice chap indeed. Just don't mention Jerry Sanders."

And what of CeBIT?

"Bigger than ever. Maybe 800,000 people squeezed through. Word is you'll see other shows using the CeBIT brand throughout Europe... and the UK could be first," The Luncher said, winking.

More snippets?

Rumour was, Siemens Nixdorf to buy Alcatel; BT to buy Demon Internet; IBM to buy D-Link. And all of them nonsense, says The Luncher.

Deutsche Telekom had a whole hall to itself - 8,000 square feet of real estate.

Siemens Nixdorf had a four-floor stand replete with press room comprising computers, printers, bar and restaurant. Like a Las Vegas hotel, someone said.

More real?

Timex will release a new version of its hefty Data Link 'smart watch' late this year or early next year with the emphasis on less bulk.