The Megaupload saga continues (infographic)

Megaupload's founder 'Mr Dotcom', currently awaiting an extradition hearing, seems to have rather an interesting life in New Zealand.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Megaupload.com has created a media storm, and proves that no storage system online is completely safe as a cyber locker. Some users, however, were too late in realising this -- and may have lost legitimate files because of it. The storage system has been offline and replaced with an FBI notice since the 19th of January.

The infographic below, created by CouponCodes4U, apart from revealing some amusing facts about the Internet tycoon's life in Australasia, does portray a clear timeline of the saga up to the end of last month.

An update on the infographic is that the Megaupload founder has recently been denied bail by the High Court in Auckland, New Zealand. The millionaire is considered 'high risk' in an attempt to flee to Germany, where he would be safe from extradition, and therefore will find it difficult to flee New Zealand.

Users are still unsure whether they will have access to their files, and frankly, this is extremely unlikely. However, an attorney for Megaupload is reportedly in negotiation with federal prosecutors to potentially release certain data. According to the attorney Ira Rothken, they are "cautiously optimistic" that an agreement may be reached.

Kim Schmitz, also known as Mr Dotcom, is expected to attend an extradition hearing on the 22nd of February.

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