The most expensive suit in the world is bulletproof and covered in diamonds

The combination of luxury, technology and art will only set you back a few million.

The most expensive suit in the world is touted as a combination of art, technology and luxury -- and it doesn't come cheap.

The brainchild of Zurich-based Suitart, the custom tailored "Diamond Armor" is a bulletproof, diamond-encrusted suit which looks classy but keeps security first. 

Diamond Armor is certified bulletproof by NATO standards, waterproof thanks to nano-technology sealing and has an EMPA air conditioning system in-built to keep the wearer cool. The style-conscious are unlikely to be disappointed, as the suit is encrusted with over 880 black diamonds with a carat weight of over 140 decorating the lapel and buttons.

Although no official photos have been released, if you want to wear an opulent and security-conscious Diamond Armor suit, you can expect to pay 2.8 million Swiss Francs ($3.20 million).

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Image credit: Suitart 

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