The new MacBook Air is significantly slower than the old MacBook Air

Newer doesn't always mean faster.

Is Apple cutting corners in order to cut prices?

Are you thinking of buying a new MacBook Air to replace your existing one? Be aware that Apple's cost-cutting means that it is slower than the older model.

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Tests carried out on the 2019 MacBook Air's SSD suggest that the SSD's read speed is significantly slower than last year's model.

The tests, carried out by French website Consomac using the BlackMagic Disk Speed Test app, show that read speeds have been cut from 2 GB/s to 1.3 GB/s read compared to the older model, with write speeds increasing slightly, from 920 MB/s to 1 GB/s.

While the average user is unlikely to notice the difference, those who handle large files may indeed see more of a lag when loading large media files.

The performance drop suggests that Apple has cut the spec of the MacBook Air to be able to bring a True Tone display -- and a price cut -- to the model.

Since Apple doesn't disclose the tech specs for the storage in its devices, the company is under no obligation to disclose this to buyers.

Does storage speed matter to you? Let me know!