The Return of Kin: Verizon may try to sell off product stock

The Kin team has been disbanded and Microsoft killed the project, yet it appears that Verizon may make a second attempt at selling off the stock of devices they still have in their inventory.

You may remember I had my teen daughters evaluate the Kin devices since that was the intended audience. They were underwhelmed with the device and just a month later Microsoft killed the Kin. According to Engadget, Verizon may actually be selling the Kin One and Two again to clear out inventory. I know that the Engadget team only posts things like this that have been verified, but I just cannot believe Verizon would try to sell these again when there is no Kin team and no hope of updates or added features to a dead product. Who in their right mind would even consider purchasing a product that has been killed off by the creators?

Engadget statest that the revised offering will be sold without data, but with the Zune capability through a WiFi connection. So essentially it will be a different Zune device that kids can use for text messaging. How many teens have a Zune or pay the monthly fee for a Zune Pass? This is just sad in so many ways.