The Samsung i600 integrates 3G and WiFi

This is the year of the QWERTY mobile phone device and we see yet another competitor to the BlackBerry revealed at IFA in Berlin this week. The Samsung i600 stands out in the Windows Mobile segment with 3G and integrated WiFi radio support and we may even see it in the U.S. before the end of 2006.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

You are probably getting tired of my postings about BlackBerry QWERTY competitors (Palm Treo devices, Motorola Q, HTC Excalibur, Nokia E61, HP iPAQ Mobile Messengers, Samsung i320), but I just had to post a short entry on another device revealed at the IFA conference in Berlin. Engadget posted some photos and details of the Samsung SGH-i600 that runs the Windows Mobile Smartphone OS. Check out Mobile Mania.sk for lots of close-up photos. The big difference between this device and the other models running Windows Mobile is that this one has a 3G radio AND integrated WiFi (the HTC Excalibur doesn't have a 3G radio), not to mention all the other major desired specs for gadget freaks. The device may be released in the U.S. before the end of the year since it has been approved by the FCC. If you really want a QWERTY device now with integrated WiFi while you wait for 3G to roll out from your carrier then you may want to check out my favorite Nokia E61 that you can pick up for just over US$300 for a SIM unlocked model.


Credit: MobilMania.sk

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