The second-largest photo ever: Panoramic Tokyo

View panoramic Tokyo in mind-blowing detail.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Jeffrey Martin has completed a 150-gigapixel panorama of Tokyo, complete with details far beyond Google Street View and with impressive scale.

The photographer, creator of the 360Cities' community, shot the image in three different locations from top of the Tokyo Tower. After taking over 10,000 photos, he stitched them together to create the 360 degree image.

The image took two days to shoot with the help of a high-resolution DSLR and a 400mm lens. In addition, Martin used a "camera robot" -- a device that controls the shutter speed and enabled the photographer to capture very precise and consistent images.

Post-production, Martin collated over 8,000 individual shots on a Fujitsu Celsius R920 workstation with 192GB RAM -- whereas most of us are satisfied with memory of 16GB or below. 12 weeks were needed to complete the final product.

If printed, the final image would be 328 feet wide and 164 feet tall. But why Tokyo? Martin said:

"The dense urban areas extend beyond the horizon, even when you’re looking from the top of a skyscraper. At the same time, there are lots of little streets with small houses, narrow alleys, and so on. It’s a city where regular people are still living among the huge buildings, so it’s quite special in this respect."

This is not the only panorama Martin has created. In addition, he was the creator of a 320 gigapixel panoramic view of London.

If you'd like to zoom in and view the panorama, check it out here.

Via: Fast Co.design

Image credit: Jeffrey Martin

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