Thin client device sales double in 2002

Sales of thin client devices almost doubled in Asia last year, according to research group, IDC
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Research giant IDC claims sales of thin client devices are ramping up in Asia, but Australia is lagging behind the general Asia Pacific region.

According to IDC, 28,385 thin client devices were sold in 2002 in Australia, up 54 percent from 2001, a figure that is dwarfed by a 95 percent increase in the wider Asia-Pacific region.

A low total cost of ownership of thin clients, security benefits, ease of manageability, and key add-ons offered by particular vendors only add to the increasing uptake by local companies, said IDC research director Joel Martin.

Wyse topped the sales statistics, with a 69.8 percent market shre. Hewlett Packard only recorded a quarter of that figure, but still managed to come in second.

Sun finished third and Neoware in fourth.

IDC says the Y2K replacement cycle is swinging into full force, and expects a thin client compound annual growth rate of 23.9 percent over the next year.

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