Thinking ahead to 2013: Microsoft's show and launch line-up

Given it's 12/12/12, seems like the perfect day to look at what's on the Microsoft show and launch calendar for 2013.

It's that time of year again: Time to look ahead to 2013 and figure out which Microsoft conferences and launch events are worth attending in the coming year.

No doubt, like the case this year, there will be some surprise additions to the tried-but-true show calendar. Microsoft is taking a page from Apple's book and creating more of its own dedicated launch events for specific products -- primarily, if not exclusively, on the consumer front -- rather than attempting to shoe-horn its announcements into bigger shows, like CES. (The exception to this is Mobile World Congress, which the Windows Phone team continues to use as a venue for new product and technology announcements.

There are plenty of scheduled and rumored Microsoft conferences and launches already slated for the coming year. Here's my list so far. 

Microsoft Office 2013 launch
Late January (location and exact date unknown)

MVP Summit (invitation only)
Feb 18-21 Bellevue and Redmond

Lync Conference 2013
February 19-21 San Diego

Mobile World Congress 2013
February 25-28 Barcelona

Convergence 2013
March 18-21 New Orleans

Game Developers Conference 2013
March 25-29 San Francisco

Microsoft Management Summit 2013
April 8-12 Las Vegas

Microsoft Hosting Summit 2013
May 21-23 Seattle

TechEd North America 2013
June 3-6 New Orleans

TechEd Europe 2013
(No exact dates avail yet, but expected at end of June) Madrid

E3 2013
June 11-13 Los Angeles

Worldwide Partner Conference 2013
July 7-11 Houston

Microsoft Global CIO Summit (invitation only)
September 17-19 Redmond


October 15-18 Charlotte

Microsoft Build 2013
Fall 2013 (exact dates/location unknown)

Xbox 720 launch
Fall 2013 (exact date/location unknown)

Anyone know of other noteworthy Microsoft-specific launch/show events that I'm missing?