Third-party companies track UK health site visits

Facebook and other companies can track when a member visits a National Health Services site for health advice, leading a U.K. MP to question why the NHS is sending user data to third parties.
Written by Tom Espiner, Contributor on

The U.K. National Health Services has come under fire for passing data on people browsing its Web site to Facebook and other companies.

The NHS Choices Web site allows Facebook and Google to track visits without informing the user, MP Tom Watson said in a letter to health minister Andrew Lansley. The tracking first came to light in a blog post by University of Southampton researcher Mischa Tuffield, who was looking into the Facebook 'Like' button on the health department's site.

"I write to you to express my concern that the NHS is allowing Google, Facebook and others to track your http://www.nhs.uk/ browsing habits, regardless of the fact that people use the page to seek medical advice," Watson wrote on Tuesday.

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