This is what Amazon's 10-inch Kindle Fire tablet likely looks like

How will a larger -- and presumably more expensive -- Amazon Kindle Fire help the company? It's a tough sell when all competing tablets have access to Amazon's shopping and content services.
Written by Kevin Tofel, Contributor

Earlier this month, reports of Amazon working on a $50 tablet also mentioned a larger slate. Press renders of such a device leaked on Wednesday, giving us our first look at a possible 10-inch Kindle Fire tablet.

Noted tipster Evan Blass, who has great industry connections and often shared images of pre-announced devices, tweeted the image earlier today.


There's little to be gleaned from the image since it doesn't show any apps or interface tweaks that are new to the Kindle Fire software platform. Amazon calls it Fire OS and builds it from the free open source version of Android.

Currently, the largest Kindle Fire tablet Amazon offers is the 8.9-inch HDX model.

Although that tablet is similar in size, I'd expect Amazon to continue selling the HDX; I don't see a 10-inch model replacing it.

Instead, between a low-cost small model and the anticipated 10-inch version, it looks like Amazon is trying to broaden the range of Kindle Fire tablets by offering something for every price range and screen size.

And every one of them is a sales terminal for Amazon purchases.

Unfortunately, that approach means that Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets would face competition at both ends of the spectrum.

The rumored $50 6-inch Kindle tablet would compete against low-cost tablet brands found in stores everywhere. And a 10-inch model, which would surely be priced higher than the $399 8.9-inch base model gets into iPad territory.

To win a meaningful number of customers over, Amazon will need to bring more value-add services and apps. That's difficult when the slates run a subset of Android apps and non-Amazon tablets have access to Amazon's shopping and content services.

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