Tickets for Bionic Olympics now on sale

Cybathlon will pit technologically enhanced athletes in head-to-head competition.


Tickets for the Cybathlon are on sale now.

Known as the "Bionic Olympics," the Cybathlon will pit technologically enhanced athletes against one another in head-to-head competition across multiple events.

Whereas other international competitions for disabled athletes only permit competitors to use unpowered assistive technology, the Cybathlon is a techno-geek's dream, encouraging the use of performance-enhancing technology such as powered exoskeletons.

The event is sponsored by ETH Zurich and will take place October 8 in the Swiss capital. Events include a Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) bicycle race, a powered leg race, a wheelchair race, an exoskeleton race, an arm prosthetics race, and a brain-computer interface race for competitors with paralysis.

Pilots will be permitted to use both commercially available bionic technology and lab-developed prototypes, which makes this a compelling showcase of the best medical hardware available. Medals will be awarded to both the athletes and companies or institutions that create the devices.

If you're planning to be in Switzerland in October, tickets for the event start at about $16 USD and can be ordered here. If you want to help out, the organizers are still looking for event volunteers. You can get more information on volunteering on the ETH Cybathlon page.

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