​Time Warner's Turner adds AWS as preferred cloud provider

Turner is looking to add more analytics and machine learning to its content as it moves to a more digital-first strategy.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Amazon Web Services said it has landed Time Warner's Turner unit as another media company choosing it as a preferred cloud provider.

With the kickoff of AWS' re:Invent conference, customer wins are likely to roll out in keynotes and case studies. AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google are all vying to poach customers from each other. Enterprises, however, are likely to gravitate toward multiple cloud approaches over time.

Turner may or may not become a part of AT&T, which is trying to buy Time Warner but may have to go to court with the Department of Justice to complete a deal.

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According to AWS, Turner's plan is to move its virtual machines to its cloud and create more cloud-native applications for channels such as TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network and CNN. Media is increasingly becoming more interactive with delivery via apps or over the Web. Turner is also looking to garner more analytics on its fans and customers and that reality often means a more cloud-based infrastructure.

Turner will also use AWS for a bevy of services such as compute, storage, databases, analytics and machine learning. Turner is hoping to leverage AWS' machine learning to extract meta data on its current and archived content.

AWS counts a bevy of media players as customers including BBC, Discovery Communications, Hulu, Netflix and Spotify to name a few.

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