Top Android news of the week: Android Pay, Android M, Office Lens

Google I/O was held for Android developers and dominated the news this week. Details of Android M were shared, Android Pay was launched, and Project Tango was opened to the public.

Android Pay is launched

Google is moving past Google Wallet and has announced Android Pay. The new mobile payment service as described by Google is much like Apple Pay.

Google is trying to kickstart its old Wallet service that never has gained much traction.

Source: ZDNet

Google debuts Android M

The next version of Android was shown off at the Google I/O conference this week. It looks to be a relatively minor update that is now out for developers to work with.

According to Google the browsing experience is improved, users have more control over app permissions, and there are improvements to Google Now.

Source: CNET

Project Tango now available to the public

Google's experimental 3D tablet, aka Project Tango, is now available to the public. The unique tablet can scan in 3D, and has previously only been available by invite.

It will set you back $512 to play with the tablet, and while expensive that's half the price early invitees had to pay.

Source: CNET

Microsoft Office Lens now on Android

Microsoft's Office Lens leaves preview mode on Android and is now available as a full, free product. Lens is the app that permits snapping photos of documents, whiteboards, and signs to get them in OneNote and OneDrive.

Images of documents and other items that are snapped with an Android phone are converted into editable text for use in Word.

Source: ZDNet