Top Android news of the week: Apple app, Quick Charge, Android One in EU

This week in Android we heard of tech to charge a phone in 35 minutes, Apple's first Android app has infuriated the faithful, and that Android One is going to Europe.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 announced

The technology from Qualcomm that promises to give your phone an 80 percent charge in as few as 35 minutes is coming. Quick Charge 3.0 is the third generation of the tech that Qualcomm integrates in some of its products.

In addition to quick charging phones, Qualcomm claimes the technology will improve battery cycle life.

Source: ZDNet

Android users are not happy about Apple's first Android app

Apple must have known it would be kicking a hornet's nest when it released its first Android app. The Move to iOS guides Android users to the world of iOS. Android fans are taking aim at the app with poor reviews in the Google Play store.

Source: Business Insider

Microsoft Send hits Android

The folks in Redmond have quietly released Send on Android. The app makes email look like a chat app and removes the need for email's more formal protocols. Messages in Send can be sent to any email address in the user's contacts.

Microsoft Send is only available in a few countries for this beta process.

Source: Android Community

Android One heading to Europe

Android One is Google's program designed to bring low-cost handsets to emerging markets. Previously this meant Asia and Africa, but the cheap handsets are now going to Europe.

Spain and Portugal will be getting the first Android One phone in Europe, the BQ Aquaris A 4.5.

Source: TNW

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