Top Android news of the week: Apple Music, pen patent, Android Auto

Android news this week was all over the map, including a patent for pen ejection by Samsung, reports that Google won't get a cut of mobile payments, and that Android Auto goes hands-free.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Samsung patent for ejecting pen by voice

A new patent filed by Samsung looks to be aimed at its Galaxy Note line of phones and tablets. It details a sophisticated mechanism for ejecting a pen in the device by speaking a command.

The patent details a method for getting the pen out of a phone using magnets and sensors.

Source: Patently Mobile

Android Pay won't earn Google a share of payments

A report claims that Google will not get a share of mobile payments made with Android Pay. Major credit card companies are taking a stand to stop giving a percentage of transactions to mobile payment services.

Apple gets a cut of each transaction made on Apple Pay, but Mastercard and Visa are putting their foot down in negotiations with Google for its service.

Source: WSJ

Apple Music coming to Android but no free version

Apple unveiled its upcoming Music streaming service complete with live radio. It will be available in a limited free version and a full version for a monthly fee on iOS.

The company stated a version of Apple Music will be coming in an Android app this fall, but only the paid service. Android owners won't have a free version as iOS owners will.

Source: Six Colors

Android Auto gets hands-free usage

Google is improving Android Auto, the version of the OS appearing in cars. A new update enables hands-free capability for making calls and sending text messages.

Android Auto will be used in Chevrolets in 2016 and the Sonata by Hyundai is the first car to have it.

Source: Android Community

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