Top Android news of the week: Instant Video, Android Wear on iPhones, Dell enterprise hybrid

In Android this week surfaced reports of Android Wear getting iPhone support, Prime Instant Video hits Android, and Dell releases an Android 2-in-1.
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Class action Google monopoly suit dropped

A law suit claiming Android's terms of use created a monopoly has been dropped. The class action suit claimed Google's terms violated antitrust laws in the area of device distribution. The suit had claimed both state and federal antitrust laws were violated by the terms of use.

Google had filed a motion with the court to have the suit thrown out, which was granted.

Source: Appleinsider

Android gets Amazon Prime Instant Video, sort of

Amazon's Prime video streaming offering was previously only available on the company's Kindle Fire devices, but is now on all Android devices. Owners wishing to access Prime Instant Video on their Android tablets must install the Amazon AppStore app in order to do so.

As ZDNet pointed out, this requires disabling a security setting for the installation. It can be turned back on once that step is completed.

Source: ZDNet

Dell takes Android to the office with Venue 10 7000

A 2-in-1 (hybrid) from Dell is an impressive-looking Android laptop designed for the enterprise. The Venue 10 7000 is a 10-inch metal tablet that together with an extra cost laptop dock forms a small laptop.

The keyboard has a trackpad since Android supports them, something the iPad cannot handle.

Source: ZDNet

Report: Android Wear close to iPhone compatibility

The Apple Watch is now available for preorders but a report about Android Wear indicates those smartwatches will soon work with the iPhone. Sources claim the work to make Android Wear devices and iPhones work together is nearly complete.

This would put Android smartwatches in direct competition with the Apple Watch. Of course, Apple must approve letting Android Wear work with iPhones, and there may very well be a public fight coming.

Source: IGN

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