Top Android news of the week: Lollipop lags, Stagefright patch, Sony does selfies

This week in Android came confirmation that a Stagefright patch is coming, Sony goes after selfies, and Lollipop is lagging.

Sony goes after selfie craze with new Xperia phones

In a highly competitive market OEMs must do what they can to stand out. Sony's two new Xperia phones aim to do that with high MP cameras on the front to take better selfies.

The Xperia C5 Ultra and M5 both have 13MP cameras on the front and rear of the phones.

Source: CNET

Fragmentation on display: Lollipop only on 18 percent of Android devices

The slow adoption of new Android versions has long been a defining factor for the platform. Users want the latest and greatest but often can't get it for months, if at all. The latest figures from Google show that even though it's been out for a while, only 18.1 percent of Android devices are running Lollipop.

KitKat is currently on almost 40 percent of devices, with Jelly Bean not far behind.

Source: ZDNet

Make presentations over Google Hangout with Google Slides update

Google has updated the Slides presentation app to permit making presentations over Google Hangout video calls. This works when streaming presentations by choosing Hangout as the option for the output.

Source: Venture Beat

Stagefright patch coming to Android

Google is readying a patch to eliminate exposure to the Stagefright malware hack. The update will apply to hundreds of millions of Android devices, as Stagefright puts most phones and tablets at risk.

The update should start rolling out very soon, and Google engineers believe this may be the largest such update ever.

Source: The Register