Top Android news of the week: Samsung not working on update, unified mailbox, Asus on fire

In Android this week was news that Samsung is not yet working on the Android 5.1 update, Gmail now pulls all email into one inbox, and Asus expects to sell a lot of smartphones.
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White paper: Google cut Android malware in half in 2014

Google has released a 43-page white paper that details malware on Android in 2014. According to Google, malware was reduced by half over the previous year.

Those interested in Android security should find the level of disclosure by Google refreshing. The paper explains in detail the various types of spyware and malware, and how the company is dealing with it.

Source: Google

Gmail gets unified mailbox on Android

Those with several email accounts should be thrilled that multiple email support has come to Gmail for Android. With the update in place Gmail can pull new emails from the accounts into one view.

The Gmail update also enables conversation view for supported email services other than Gmail.

Source: ZDNet

Samsung not yet working on Android 5.1 update

Galaxy device owners won't be happy to hear that Samsung is not yet working on Android 5.1 updates for any of them. This reportedly comes directly from Samsung, so any rumors claiming otherwise are baseless.

Samsung is still rolling out Lollipop to its existing product line so this is in line with the company's track record.

Source: Neowin

Asus expects to sell 30 million smartphones this year

Asus has raised its sales expectations for smartphones to 30 million for this year. The company is on the rise in this category, given it only shipped 10,000 units in early 2014.

CEO Jonney Shih stated that a third of that comes from China which indicates a healthy number will be sold elsewhere. The company's ZenFone 2 has been well received by the market and no doubt plays a significant role in the turnaround.

Source: Android Authority

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